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Christian Stone recently left his position at Netscape/AOL Time Warner after 10 years of professional internet development experience, including managing the work on the 2004 Olympic Games, cascading mail and alert systems, and many other dynamic websites.  He also spent over 8 years developing cross platform software focused on the Macintosh.

At Stonescape Software, Christian seeks a new direction and aspires to develop the next generation of Macintosh software, while still being available for website development and hosting at reasonable rates.

Many people will make promises they cannot deliver, and timetables that are never met.  If you want a professional, and artistic website at reasonable rates with a reliable and competent developer you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to Stonescape Software.


    Company profile

President: Christian Stone

History: Principle Engineer at Netscape/AOL for 10 years.  Specializing in Java software, and Macintosh software.

Founded:  July 4, 2002

Location: Greenbelt, MD.


Hosting: Linux based hosting with email.

Website: Dynamic website development and hosting using Java.

Design: Business cards, brands and logos, internet solutions.

    Published  sites


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